“In the Shadow of the Dragon King” by J. Keller Ford

Be ready to be blown away! In the Shadow of the Dragon King by J. Keller Ford is an epic, YA fantasy that will transport you to a different world. The teens sound like teens, the characters are complex, the world-building is top notch, and there is a perfect mix of fantasy and reality.

In the Shadow of the Dragon King has two plotlines that intertwine. In our world, sixteen-year-old David lives in a mansion, contemplates kissing his best friend Charlotte, and kicks butt at archery tournaments. In the otherworld of Fallhollow, seventeen-year-old Erik struggles to find his place in the kingdom, and questions whether the knight he serves has his best interests at heart. Magic, mayhem, and evil lurk beneath the surface. When David is mysteriously transported to Fallhollow–along with Charlotte–secrets are revealed that will change the course of everything.

This is a weighty book, full of the rich detail fantasy readers crave. The characters seem real, especially David and Charlotte, and are very relatable. I’m not a huge YA fantasy fan, but I loved this book, and think teen readers–boys and girls included–will fall in love with Fallhollow.

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