Your must-read, beach-read: “Summer of Sloane”

It doesn’t matter if you live by a windy Washington State beach, or in the middle of land-locked Iowa, probably at some point you’ve fantasized about heading to Hawaii and having the summer of your life. For most of us, that dream will only become a reality once or twice in our lives if we are lucky. Thank goodness books can transport us on fantasy vacations in the meantime.

Summer of Sloane by Erin. L. Schneider is realistic YA fiction, but I use the term “realistic” loosely, because it’s a YA meets teen-soap-opera type of read, full of gorgeous good looks, wild parties and drama. When swimming star Sloane discovers her best friend is pregnant by Sloane’s own boyfriend, she pops the dude in the nose, breaks her hand in the process, and flies off to Hawaii to spend the summer with her twin brother, mom, and step dad. As soon as Sloane lands, her mom gives her the key to a brand new convertible and takes Sloane on a wild shopping spree. Sign me up for that!

Summer of Sloane is super juicy and I read it cover to cover in one day. This is also a book with heart. Watching Sloane’s character grow across the course of summer gave the story depth.

Summer of Sloane would also make a fabulous movie or television series. Paging, Disney! Please start casting now. I want to see Sloane jump off the waterfall!
2016-05-21 13.14.45

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