Unleash your Kriger Power! “Rise” by Jennifer Anne Davis

Rise by Jennifer Anne Davis is a swift and enjoyable read that fans of Red Queen will love.

Kaia is an ordinary laundress struggling to take care of her ailing father in a dangerous city capital. The kingdom is cursed by an evil king named Morlet. The only people who can stop Morlet are twelve Krigers with supernatural power. Morlet will stop at nothing to the hunt the Krigers down and impression them. When Morlet has all twelve, he can crush the order of Krigers and become unstoppable. “Keep your head down, mind your own business, and whatever you do, do not look into his eyes.” Kaia’s life forever changes when she witnesses a public execution and she feels an ancient force awaken.

Rise is an engrossing YA Fantasy that will quickly suck you into an other-world without totally confusing you. It walks the fine line between world-building, and “What-the-heck-is-going-on?” with a deftness you would expect from the best selling author of The True Reign Series. Mix in some girl power, and a love interest I did not see coming, and you have book one in a seires that I can’t wait to finish!


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