The YA Gal’s Twenty Favorite Booktubers

IMG_2752Confession: If you asked me sixth months ago to name my favorite booktubers I would have struggled to come up with more than five. That’s because shock! Gasp! Horror! I’m in my late thirties and YouTube wasn’t on my radar.

As an author, I knew I needed to take a crash course in booktube or else I’d only be able to share GENESIS GIRL with the moms-who-read-YA audience instead of the teen demographic.

Now after about 100 hours of booktube watching, I’m a full-fledged booktube fangirl. But don’t expect me to set up a tripod anytime soon. I’m perfectly happy eating popcorn and watching everyone else show off their fancy editing skills.

Here are my top 20 favorite booktubers in no particular order:

Channel: BooksandBullshit

Host: Richard Denney

Why I Love it: Richard is honest, genuine, and calls out other people’s BS. Plus, he reviews middle grade books too.

Channel: LovingDemBooks

Host: Grace

Why I Love it: Grace is LOL funny, and has awesome editing skills. She also offers great advice for people new to the booktube world.

Channel: BenjaminofTomes

Host: Benjamin Alderson

Why I Love it: Obviously, Ben’s booktube channel is famous, but he’s also really encouraging to new bookstagramers on Instagram. If you watch the hashtag #YAlovin (which Ben founded) you’ll see that he regularly hearts posts on accounts just starting out, which is really nice of him.

Channel: Taylicious Reads

Host: Taylor Stanley

Why I Love it: Taylor is entertaining, does a fun job editing, and she’s a fellow Washingtonian.


Channel: RaeofSunshineBooks

Host: Raeshel Kelly

Why I Love it: Raeshel produces quality videos, and she talks about topics that are important to teens and new adults, like assigned reading versus fun reading.

Channel: AW Sudios: Books

Host: Angus

Why I Love it: Angus packs a lot of info into a short amount of time. He also offers good tips for new booktubers.

Channel: The Bookish Babbler

Host: Melissa

Why I Love it: Melissa sometimes talks about less popular books, which a lot of booktubers ignore, plus she talks about other things too, like musicals, which makes things interesting.

Channel: Read By Amanda

Host: Amanda

Why I Love it: Amanda’s booktube account covers all the popular booktube tags, and her Instagram account is huge.

Channel: xox Kaitlyn Nicole

Host: Kaitlyn Nicole

Why I Love it: Bring on the drama! Kaitlyn infuses her videos with so much energy it makes them extra fun to watch. She’s also creating a library in Africa.

Channel: Novel Noise

Host: Julia

Why I Love it: If you love to rehash “Game of Thrones,” Julia has you covered!

Channel: Jay, The Awkward Bookworm

Host: Jay G.

Why I Love it: She did the #bestfriends booktag with her mom. Need I say more?

Channel: Stephanie Bain’s Books

Host: Stephanie Bain

Why I Love it: Stephanie gets right to the point, which I really appreciate, plus she’s great with spoiler-free reviews.

Channel: Read Books Read

Host: Gabby

Why I Love it: Gabby offers honest opinions, discusses a lot of books I love, and is developing a wonderful Instagram account as well.

Channel: Kiara Soleil

Host: Kiara Soleil

Why I Love it: In addition to booktubing, Kiara also does journaling, which is really cool, and helps connect reading to the writing process.

Channel: Heather Forever Books

Host: Heather Warren

Why I Love it: There’s a huge demographic of YA readers who are not actually teens, and Heather represents that, although she’s waaaaaay younger than me.

Channel: TaylorTalksBooks

Host: Taylor

Why I Love it: Taylor’s videos are conversational. She makes you feel like you are having a chat about books with your good friend.

Channel: gotbooks!

Host: Elena

Why I Love it: Elena is smart (in addition to being pretty) and offers great opinions and books, the genre as a whole, and more.

Channel: Shaegeeksout

Host: Shala

Why I Love it: Shala reads a wide variety of genres including YA and manga, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about all things geeky. Plus, her Instagram account is gorgeous.

Channel: Danni Darling

Host: Danni Darling

Why I Love it: In addition to being a reader, Danni’s also a DIYer. From book earrings to homemade subscription boxes, she comes up with cool ideas.

Channel: Literabby

Host: Abby

Why I Love it: Anyone who buys Sci-Fi immediately earns my affection, and Abby is not only a Sci-Fi reader, but she also seeks out books with strong female characters.

Did I say I was picking my twenty favorite booktubers? I’m such a liar. There are actually twenty-one on this list. Is your favorite booktuber missing? Please share a link to their channel in the comments below so I can check them out!

Say hello! What do you like to read?

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