“What Lies Beneath” by Richard Denney

Love, loss, control, and horror, indie author Richard Denney explores it all in his book What Lies Beneath. This story is like “Fatal Attraction” meets “The Sixth Sense.”

Blair Lewis was almost murdered. When she comes to, she barely remembers the details, but all evidence points to her fiancé, Dylan, and a romantic boat ride gone wrong. Now that Dylan is presumed dead, Blair struggles to reconstruct her life. But when creepy gifts show up on her doorstep indicating that Dylan might still be around, Blair must confront her greatest fears.

“I didn’t feel right being there with him but I didn’t want to challenge him at the moment.” 

What lies beneath the surface of the people Blair loves most?

This book is shorter than a traditionally published novel and makes for quick and thrilling entertainment. What Lies Beneath is full of surprise twits that will keep readers guessing all the way to the last paragraph. But be warned! After reading this book you might never brave a carnival again.


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