My sneak peek at “Signs of You” by Emily France

Whoa! This book!!! I had no idea what to expect when I picked up my free Advanced Review Copy of Signs of You by Emily France. I was swiftly intrigued. Signs of You is like “The Da Vinci Code” meets “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” I know that sounds like a strange combination, but the author totally makes it work. It’s deep, dark, mystical, and hilariously funny all in one book. The hook is that four teenagers who met in a grief support group at their high school start seeing the spirits of their dearly departed.

What would you do if you saw the ghost of your dead mom? You’d probably freak out, and that’s exactly what Riley Strout does too. Luckily she has Jay, Kate and Noah with her to commiserate. The only friend not seeing visions is Noah. When Noah disappears, the rest of them are certain it has to do with an ancient relic from Jay’s father. With a combination of Google, iPhones, and Noah’s dad’s Camaro–which they absolutely, positively, under no circumstances are supposed to drive–Riley’s crew embarks on a mission to find Noah, stop seeing dead people, and make things right.

The dialogue in this book is hysterical. I also loved the pacing of the plot. It whips along with one discovery after another. Since Signs of You deals with grief over lost family members, it’s also got depth. But the levity balances everything to perfection.

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