“My Senior Year of Awesome” by Jennifer DiGiovanni

My Senior Year of Awesome by Jennifer DiGiovanni is the perfect Friday-night read after you’ve had a stressful week. It’s fun, flirty, and laugh-out-loud funny. The only danger is the person sitting next to you will ask you over and over again what you’re laughing about, and that gets kind of annoying.

Sadie Mathews and her best friend Jana Rodriquez decide to make their senior year extra special by completing a list of ten awesome accomplishments–no matter how terrifying the outcomes. I can’t reveal what most of these things are because that would be divulging major spoilers, but the only one I managed to do in high school was complete number 4: pass driver’s ed.

The first person willing to teach Sadie to drive is the guy she least wants to spend time with, Andy, who the whole school thinks she’s going to marry thanks to a Senior Superlative vote that (to Sadie) makes no sense. Marry Andie Kosolowski? Is everyone at Harmony High out of their mind? Andy’s two feet taller than Sadie, has a Kermit the frog laugh, and is the king of all mathletes. Sadie would much rather fantasize over Dominic Altomeri and his hot rod car.

Readers who like clean-teen fiction will appreciate that My Senior Year of Awesome  has plenty of romance without veering beyond a PG rating.

What I loved about My Senior Year of Awesome  was that the author weaved humor and emotions into every chapter. The driving scenes were some of the most hysterical bits of fiction I have read in a while. I had flashbacks to my own experiences learning to drive and had to turn off my Kindle for a minute to calm down and stop laughing so hard. Sadie’s list of “Top Ten Ways to Snag a Prom Date” was so funny I wish I had copyright permission to pin it to my Facebook wall.

My Senior Year of Awesome  is a delicious book that will make you want to read more from its very witty author.

Senior Year


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