“There Once Were Stars” by Melanie McFarlane

If you’re a YA reader who used to love dystopian books, but are now burnt out, then you must read There Once Were Stars. Author Melanie McFarlane stretches the YA genre in a new direction by creating a post-dystopian world. What’s post-dystopian? The world went kaboom and everything was awful, but now things are just peachy-keen. Kind of…

Natalia is a teenager living in Dome 1618, a peaceful and protected society where everyone is happy. There’s nothing really special about Natalia. She’s not brilliant, beautiful, or exceptionally brave, but she is truthful. Natalia zeroes in on the BS other people believe. When Natalia sees two human figures standing outside the protected walls of the Dome and not dying, she begins to investigate.

Of course, nobody likes it when a teenage girl sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, especially one of Natalia’s two potential boyfriends. But Natalia is a heroine to root for.

“Peace. Love. Order. Dome.” Watch out, Dome 1618, Natalia’s looking into the details behind your creepy motto.


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