Exciting Opportunity for Writers!

Twice the Jennifers
Jennifer Anne Davis, YA author of Cage of DeceitThe True Reign series and the Order of the Krigers series, and Jennifer Bardsley, Genesis Girl author and “The YA Gal,” are teaming up to create a free mentor group for aspiring MG and YA writers.

Twice The Jennifers will be a private, closed, Facebook group that offers inspiration, advice, motivation, and the opportunity to find critique partners and beta readers.


Jennifer Ann DavisJennifer Anne Davis: “We want to give back to the writing community that has supported us along this journey. Writing can be solitary. It’s important to get out of the writing cave and to connect with fellow writers.”


Jennifer Bardsley: “The publishing business is tough. It doesn’t matter if you are traditionally published, or self-published, you need to develop a platform to help sell books. Making social media friends before your book sells, is essential.”

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Here are more details about how Twice The Jennifers will be organized:

#MentorMondays: Ask the Jennifers any questions you want and we will do our best to answer.

#TuesdaysWithJAD: Jennifer Anne Davis will provide a writing tip or start a discussion based on her years of expertise.

#WordCountWendesdays: Stay motivated by updating the group on your total word count for the week.

#ThursdaysWithJB: Jennifer Bardsley will share a writing or social media tip.

#FriendsFriday: The day you are encouraged to ask for help. Need a beta reader? Looking for a critique partner? Willing to read a new chapter from somebody else? Link up!

#SharingSaturday: Your weekly chance to share a blog post you wrote, on an Instagram picture you are especially proud of to get more traffic.

#SerenitySunday: Members are encouraged to share motivation memes about writing and reading.

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Are you interested in joining? Our 2016 group starts March 1st. It is open to the first 150 members who meet our criteria. Did we mention it’s free?

You will need:

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Are you interested in taking your writing to the next level with Twice the Jennifers?

Click on the application below:

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Say hello! What do you like to read?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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