“Firsts” Teaser Review!

On the surface Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is about seduction and sex, but this book digs deep. Firsts tackles tough questions while at the same time delivering a storyline that will keep teens reading more. I got an early peek at an Advanced Review Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

Mercedes Ayres is a seventeen-year-old girl that the other girls at high school don’t really notice. She’s a whiz at science and besties with the ultra-religious Angela. But what most people don’t know is that Mercedes has her own after-hours tutoring program going on. She teaches virginal high school males how to give their girlfriends the perfect first time.

Where’s the line between altruism and harming your own inner-self in the process? And what’s the real reason motivating Mercedes to “serve?” Laurie Elizabeth Flynn handles a weighty subject matter with a deft touch. This is a book that will make your jaw drop.


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