“Hello?” by Liza Wiemer

When’s the last time you read a book that was so fresh and unique that it made you fall in love with originality all over again? That’s how I felt after reading Hello? by Liza WiemerHello? is a YA contemporary novel where five main characters express themselves in different ways.

Tricia lives in a lighthouse on the edge of nowhere, grieving the loss of her parents and grandmother. Emerson has a girlfriend he really wants to dump, plus some lingering hang-ups over a traumatic incident when he was little. Angie is Emerson’s clingy girlfriend and wonders whether she wants to rise above her own selfishness. Brenda is Angie’s best friend with a secret to hide. Brian is an artist trapped in teenage angst. One three a.m. phone call unites them all.

This is the first–and only–book I’ve read told in narrative, poem, screen play and artwork.

In the YA world, Hello? reminds me a little bit of Ellen Hopkins novels because of the poetry element.
Never Said by Carol Lynch Williams is another book that includes poetry and narration, but it only has two voices. Hello? has five and they all tie together seamlessly. The Brenda sections told in screenplay were some of my favorites.

Sex, violence, heartbreak, and high school, Hello? is a juicy read sure to please the YA world.


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