“Nameless” by Jennifer Jenkins

I finished Nameless by Jennifer Jenkins at around 10 p.m. and then spent the next hour paralyzed on the couch trying to calm down. The first half of the book was really good, but the second half was so phenomenal that I actually had a physiological response. My heart pounded, I became sweaty, and I had to remind myself to breathe. Nameless has Suspense with a capital “S.”

The story revolves around two main characters. Ko is from the Wolf clan and infiltrates the Ram clan with the purpose of spying on them and saving her people from possible genocide. To do this she must become a Nameless slave, slather on mud to make herself ugly, and hopefully keep herself safe from rape. Ko’s mission becomes ten times more complicated when her little sister Tess shows up as a tag-along.

Gryphon is a Ram soldier whose biggest weakness is his empathetic nature. To be a Ram, Gryphon must be a cold-blooded killer. But no way can he kill innocent children or cause harm to his young apprentice, Joshua. When Joshua becomes friends with Ko and vice versa, Gryphon and Ko must question everything they have been trained to hate.

Nameless is not only suspenseful, it’s unique. It has a fresh concept mixed with just enough history (remember Sparta, anyone) to make it seem believable, even though it’s Fantasy. But I do think this book should come with a warning label: Don’t read too close to bedtime or you’ll freak out! 😉



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