“Rider’s Revenge” by Alessandra Clarke

Attention Throne of Glass fans! If you love YA fantasy with kick-ass heroines, princes, capture and castles, then you will love Rider’s Revenge by Alessandra Clarke. K’lrsa is a huntress of the White Horse Tribe and would rather spend her days  riding her horse Fallion than meeting potential suitors. When her father is murdered, K’lrsa swears revenge. She leaves her tribe behind and enters the world of the Daliphate, a male-dominated society where women are slaves. Intent on killing the man responsible for her father’s death, K’lrsa risks everything important to her sense of self: her horse, her body, and perhaps even her heart.

Rider’s Revenge is marketed as a “coming of age” story, which is probably because fantasy/speculative fiction readers of all ages would enjoy it, but I could also definitely see it as a traditional YA novel because of the age of the heroine. K’lrsa is brave, headstrong, and doesn’t always make the wisest of choices. She’s also really full of herself which reminds me a lot of Celaena Sardothien. Like Throne of Glass, Rider’s Revenge is told from the third person POV.

The world building in Rider’s Revenge was really creepy, especially when K’lrsa entered the Daliphate. It was like the court of Versailles meets Isis, and really made me think about women’s rights. I was very content with the ending to the book, but happy to see there was wiggle-room for book two.

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