“Not Every Girl” by Jane McGarry

Not Every Girl by Jane McGarry is a YA fantasy full of sword fighting adventure and handsome princes. It tells the story of a teen girl named Oliva Davenport who dreams of a life bigger than what her mother has planned. Olivia has trained as a squire under the father’s tutelage, and she wants the chance to prove her worth fighting to protect the fictional realm of Stewartsland. When Olivia misses out on the chance to accompany her father and his other squires-in-training on a foray into the woods, Olivia finds a way to sneak along. But danger and discovery lurk around every tree. When Olivia is forced to team up with Prince Liam, the adventure grows even bigger.

Not Every Girl is the first book I’ve read from Clean Teen Publishing and I found it to be well written, edited, and as PG as promised. I think this would be a fun book for tweens and teens alike. At first, I listened to it with “Text to Speech” on my Kindle. But eventually I read ahead on my phone because I wanted to hurry up and see how the story ended.


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