What I think about Thinx

20150930_180322Why is “period” a dirty word? I’m not talking about punctuation, I’m talking about being human. Specifically, being a female human. Somehow discussing something the happens to women every month for a huge part of their lives is taboo. Even the word “menstruating” brings titters if you mention it in polite conversation.

Well, I’m thirty-seven-years old and I’m tired of all that. My uterus (yes, I said “uterus”) has produced two beautiful children. It has served me well, just as uteri across the world continue to work hard, every month, despite the scorn of gentility. It’s time for technology to catch up. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Thinx, a modern take on period panties.  Thinx promises to be “Period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry.”

I ordered my first set of Thinx a couple of months ago to try them out. I was so impressed with their performance, I ordered a whole bunch more. After an epic wait on back order, they finally arrived this week.

I could write a formal review but there’s already a great one right here. Instead, I thought I’d bullet point some common questions I’ve fielded from curious friends.

Here’s what Thinx feel like:

  • slippery
  • thin
  • kind-of like swimsuit bottoms

Here’s what Thinx do:

  • work in conjunction with pads and tampons for heavy days
  • provide extra protection for overnights
  • work solo on the days when you think your period might start, but you aren’t really sure
  • let you wear dresses and skirts without fear

The cons:

  • expensive
  • only come in two colors
  • limited size options
  • no tummy coverage
  • take a long time to dry on the line

Am I going to lounge around in my period panties each month drinking coffee and chatting with friends? No way. Will I go about my life with an extra layer of confidence? Definitely.

Bottom line (ha, ha, I said “bottom”) … Thinx are awesome!

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