“Escape from Eden” by Elisa Nader

“Hurry, hurry, children.” I always think of that phrase whenever I see Kool-Aid because it reminds me of the horrible story of the Jonestown massacre where Jim Jones, the leader of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, convinced 900+ people to commit suicide via cyanide poisoning.  Escape From Eden by Elisa Nader is a YA story that eerily echoes Jonestown and the perils of cults.

Mia Ricci is a teen girl living in Edenton, a religious commune sequestered in the Amazon jungle. She begs her mom to let her return home to America, but it’s no use. Mia feels like she’s trapped in Edenton forever until a new convert joins the group. Gabriel is a teenager from New York City and he has big plans to help Mia escape. But can they leave their families behind?

Escape From Eden is a chilling read that poses deep questions about the true cost for devotion.

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