“How it Ends” Teaser Review!

2015-09-07 15.40.10

Which is worse, breaking up with your boyfriend or losing your best friend?

How it Ends by Catherine Lo is a coming of age story about two sophomores whose lives intertwine and then rip apart. If you’ve ever had bff drama then this book will speak to your heart.

How it Ends doesn’t hit shelves until June 7, 2016 but I got an early peek since Catherine is one of my Sixteen To Read friends.

I’ll save my full review for next year, but in the meantime, let me just say that How it Ends is not a sugary-sweet fluff book. This novel deals with everything from divorce to mental illness. Every high school girl will recognize a bit of herself in at least one of Catherine Lo’s living-breathing characters. Jessie and Annie will have you rooting for them from page one. The question is, whose side are you on?

How it Ends

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