How many people see posts on a Facebook page?


One of the best parts of anticipating my 2016 YA debut is connecting with future readers. A big way I do this is via my Facebook page, The YA Gal.  I’ve written in the past about all the hard work I’ve put into building up my Facebook page in hopes that it helps other writers. (See: Tips for building up your Facebook page.) Today I’m sharing an inside look into other aspects that make Facebook fun.

A common complaint I hear from authors about Facebook is that not many followers see their content unless the page owner pays Facebook to boost their posts. This is both true and false. I almost never pay to boost my posts, and yet thousands of people see what I share. Not only that, but sometimes more people than my followers see my post, meaning I reach into the 110% level and beyond.

Here’s an example of that happening with a post from this past week:


Notice that while only 12,116 people follow  The YA Gal on Facebook, over 13,000 people saw this post. That was because 40 people shared it. Another reason so many people saw this particular post was because it had a high engagement level. Many people commented and liked it, which allowed more people to view it.

By contrast, here’s an equally deserving post sharing a link from Pop Goes The Reader announcing the cover reveal of FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP by Sarah Glenn Marsh, that not nearly as many people saw:


If this post had received more comments, likes, or shares, the reach would have been much wider. Still, 446 people is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, I had the option to pay money to boost the post and reach all 12,000 people. This is an option I might use in the future for my cover reveal.

The YA Gal is my own page devoted to young adult fiction and news about my 2016 debut from Month 9 Books. When I share a link to a friend’s book announcement I don’t charge them any money. (Obviously.) But there are a lot of Facebook pages out there that do charge authors money.

I think authors should ask book promotion companies the following question: “If I pay you $50 to promote my book, how can I guarantee that my advertisement will reach your entire Facebook audience?” Just because a Facebook page has 10,000 followers doesn’t mean that all 10,000 followers will see your book announcement. Will the book promotion company pay to boost the post? How will you know how many people see it?

If you are a YA Gal follower, thank you so much for your support! You can see why every “like,” “comment,” and “share” you generously offer, makes a HUGE difference!

Facebook is fun. Facebook is powerful. But Facebook requires finesse.

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