“Persuasion” by Martina Boone

Barrie and Eight are back along with all of the beautiful creepiness readers adore from Watson Island! Is the binding cost of young love worth it? Must you want what your family wants? Persuasion is high on fantasy yet grounded in the real life issues teens face every day.

Sure, Barrie and Eight have money, good looks, and magical powers but they also have messed up childhoods and unknown futures. Just like in Compulsion, the emotions are real.

For a Pacific Northwest reader like me, the “book vacation” element of Persuasion can’t be overlooked. Martina Boone writes with sensual description of sights, smells, and temperatures. I can picture the white peacock perched on Aunt Pru’s ancient Mercedes. I can feel the heat from the scorching southern climate. I can taste the Mississippi mud brownies. Sure, I’m still on my couch near rainy Seattle, but I feel like I’m in Eight’s boat floating towards Colesworth Place, with Barrie sitting next to me in her orange PDF and ridiculous expensive shoes.


Thank you to Edelweiss for providing me with the ARC so I could get an early ticket back to Watson Landing. I don’t want to reveal any more because this book doesn’t hit the shelves until October 27th, 2015. But wow, Persuasion is worth the wait! 


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