“In a World Just Right” by Jen Brooks

Speculative fiction buffs will love In a World Just Right, the debut novel by Dartmouth alumna, Jen Brooks. It tells the story of a teen boy named Jonathan who has developed a special superpower. After surviving a tragic plane crash that took the lives of his family and put him in a temporary coma, Jonathan can create parallel universes by squeezing his eyes shut and focusing his imagination. In one world, things suck and he’s a high school nobody. In another world, the beautiful girl on the track team is in love with him. The problem is, Jonathan’s worlds are starting to converge and his sometimes-girlfriend is at risk of being ripped apart.

I was hooked from the moment I started reading In a World Just Right and thought it was very clever. But when I described the plot to my husband, he immediately guessed the twist at the end–before I had even finished the book. I’m not sure if other people found the ending predictable or not.

Still, In a World Just Right was a lot of fun. I could definitely see “the Dartmouth” in it because of the appreciation of athleticism and the outdoors, which are two things I associate with Dartmouth. I wish my college had it’s own ski lift!

P.S. In a World Just Right is the third book I’ve read from my Freshman Fifteens challenge. I’ve also read Red Queen and The Wrong Side of Right.


One thought on ““In a World Just Right” by Jen Brooks

  1. DomesticBattleCry

    My husband is that way with movies: opening credits and he’s already got the plot summed up.
    This sounds like a really interesting read. I’m definitely adding it to my TBR list.


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