“Nobody’s Goddess” by Amy McNulty

I loved Nobody’s Goddess by Amy McNulty so much that I stayed up until midnight to finish it, and then couldn’t fall asleep until 1 a.m. because I was awake thinking about how wonderful it was. It’s one of those books that has such a big twist at the end that you want to go back and reread it from the start with new information about what’s going on. (I had the same experience reading Lauren Oliver’s Vanishing Girls.) What’s funny is that when I first started reading Nobody’s Goddess I predicted that there would be a twist, but it wasn’t close to what I thought it would be.

The hook of Nobody’s Goddess is that a teenager named Noll lives in an other-worldly village where women have all the power, and men are bound to serve the ones they love. Every woman has a man who falls in love with her and views the woman as “his goddess.” Every woman that is, except for Noll who is quite literally nobody’s goddess.

This book is YA fantasy with expert world-building and it poses very deep questions about feminism and the balance of power between the sexes. How would things be different if women had total control? Would a female dominated society be any better than a male dominated one?

It also poses difficult questions about love. Does being in love with someone mean you will do whatever they say? Should it?

Amy McNulty’s fantasy world takes girl-power to the next level. Nobody’s Goddess will definitely make you think.


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