“Alien Abattoir: and Other Stories” by Sean Patrick Hazlett

Nazis, Russians, and … aliens? I took a break from YA to enjoy some Sci-Fi from Sean P. Hazlett, author of Alien Abattoir: And Other Stories. Most of the stories were previously published in various magazines, and a couple of them were honorable mentions in the prestigious Writers of the Future Contest. Now they are all in one place with commentary from the author himself.

What make’s Hazlett’s stories so exciting is that each one features a strong concept. St. Benedict conversing with an extraterrestrial being, lobotomized dolphins, a time traveling ladder; each narrative is full of surprises.  The writing is exceptionally strong too, and I can understand why these stories won awards.

One of the pieces, “The Witchwood Whispers,” could be classified as YA fantasy. A teenage girl bent on rescuing her younger sister enters a woods known for devouring humans. That was also the story I thought had the most feminine appeal.

But I enjoyed all of the stories in the collection. They were imaginative, smart, and highly entertaining.

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