“The Angelnots” by Elise Pehrson


Things I love about The Angelnots by Elise Pehrson: the concept, the cover, the quality of writing, and the precise editing. That being said, it’s definitely high fantasy, and I’m not a huge high-fantasy fan. I love speculative fiction and sci-fi, and I can handle a bit of fantasy, but this was definitely high fantasy, with wizards et all.

So for those of you who are saying “Wizards? I love wizards!” let me give you the scoop. In The Angelnots there is another world/dimension where two sisters named Olivia and Alazne live in the village of Bizi-Herri. Olivia has already received her magic powers–her opari, but Alazne has not. The two sisters do not get along at all, and their relationship has deteriorated even further since their father died. To make matters worse, their mother clearly prefers Olivia over Alazne. The spark of sibling rivalry ignites the entire plot.

An interesting quality about The Angelnots is that it’s a mixture of high fantasy elements like magic powers and winged creatures, with scenes that are more sci-fi-ish. A high school seems normal. Villagers discuss wait-loss pills that will sound a lot like Alli. There’s talk of meteorites and planets. But mostly, this is a high-fantasy novel which is not my personal favorite genre to read.

I am, however, very impressed by what Elise Pehrson has accomplished because this is definitely a well-crafted book.

P.S. I received a free cop of The Angelnots from the author in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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