“Hex Hall” by Rachel Hawkins

Two chapters into Hex Hall Book One I was worried it was another hackneyed reshuffling of witches, werewolves and vampires, but Rachel Hawkins’s expert character development made this book a winner. Characters you think are two dimensional turn out to have real depth (like Elodie) and there’s a big twist at the end that I did not see coming.

The book’s premise is that Sophie gets banished to a reform school for magical creatures after her disastrous use of magic at a school dance. “Hex Hall” as it is nicknamed by the witches, shape shifters, and fairies that attend, is not necessarily a fun place to be, but it’s not all bad either. Sophie’s roommate Jenna is a vampire, which makes life interesting, but other than that things are okay.

The real drama begins when a classmate is drained of blood and all eyes turn to Jenna. Sophie struggles to maintain her roommate’s innocence while at the same time dealing with surprising revelations about her own personal history.

Certainly a lot of readers are tired of reading another book about witches and vampires–and I can definitely see their point, but others of us are always up for more paranormal titles, especially if they’re clever enough.

P.S. After reading Hex Hall I will never look at a Capri Suns the same way again.

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