Map your Characters


Click Character_Map to download the PDF.

Are you an aspiring author? One of the hardest things about writing a book is making your characters seem alive. By the 22nd revision of a manuscript, you should know your characters innermost thoughts. In your imagination, you can project their futures, and describe their pasts.  If Good Morning America interviewed the people in your book, you’d know exactly how they would respond. But getting to that level of intimacy is difficult.

One trick I use to help flesh out my characters is a graphic organizer I call my Character_Map. I print out a page for each major character in my book and fill it out in detail. Sometimes I do this exercise before I write the first word of a manuscript. Other times I do it on revision number four or five. The better I know a character, the easier they are to map.

Feel free to download and share my Character Map with as many people as you would like. I only ask that let users know you found it here, on The YA Gal. 🙂