“Torn Away” by Jennifer Brown

Brace yourself. Torn Away by Jennifer Brown will twist you up and have you reaching for a box of tissues.

Jersey Cameron is a typical teenage girl finishing off her junior year of high school in the Midwest. Her little sister is annoying, her mom expects her to make dinner, and her stepdad has never felt like “Dad”. Jersey’s real father is decidedly out of the picture. But all of that changes when a devastating tornado hits town and Jersey loses everything she took for granted.

Sent off to live with total strangers, Jersey fights for her own survival–while she desperately holds onto memories that keep her soul alive.

For me, Torn Away was a very quick read. I started and finished it in under four hours. I found it a little bit predictable, but that was okay. I really enjoyed seeing how Jersey matured throughout the course of the book and healed her family history. I’ll never look at a porcelain cat sculpture the same way again!