“What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Stephanie Henry

What Doesn’t Kill Us, by debut writer Stephanie Henry, has an inciting incident in the first ten pages that will hook you like a trout. Without giving away any spoilers, something definitive happens in Drew’s life that forever changes him. As a reader, I felt immediate sympathy him.

Drew’s life seems to change for the better when he meets Hailey, who works with Drew in the bookstore her mother owns. On the outside, Hailey’s life seems perfect. She’s rich, goes to a fancy private school, has a car, and is also a cheerleader. But something sinister lurks in Hailey’s family history that will change everything.  Together, Drew and Hailey work together to find a path to happiness.

I received a free copy of  What Doesn’t Kill Us  from the author in exchange for my honest opinions and review. I felt the storyline was very strong, and would definitely appeal to a female readership. The alternate viewpoint was interesting in that sometimes the narrations backtracked and took the reader out of the present. But otherwise, this was a very enjoyable book.