“The Almost Girl” by Amalie Howard

Two ninjatas, two worlds, two sisters, two princes; The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard is full of dualism. The hook is that seventeen-year-old Riven is an alien bounty hunter searching Earth for a lost prince. But perhaps “bounty hunter” isn’t the best word to describe Riven’s capabilities. She is a committed soldier, trained to kill.

Like all of Howard’s books, The Almost Girl is sharply written and well crafted. Every chapter ends with suspense, making the reader beg for more. However, the plot is so intricate that it did take me about 40 pages to really “get into” The Almost Girl. I’ve seen other reviews that said this book had a slow start, and I think that’s what they meant.

My favorite part of The Almost Girl was that it was packed with strong women. Riven definitely puts the kick in kickass.

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