“Jupiter Winds” by C.J. Darlington


C.J. Darlington’s newest book Jupiter Winds is smart, suspenseful YA–that somehow manages to stay PG. It’s Sci Fi reminiscent of Mind-Hold, by the brilliant Wilanne Belden.

The hook of Jupiter Winds is that two sisters, Grey and Rin, are fighting for survival on a future Earth controlled by an Amazon-like corporation. Books are ancient history and life is controlled by computer dots implanted in a gullible public. Looming over everything is the distant planet Jupiter which may or may not have been colonized–depending on whom you ask. When Grey is kidnapped by an evil general, she learns the depths of her own ignorance, especially about the secret lives of her parents.

This weekend I left Jupiter Winds on the coffee table and later caught my 9-year-old reading it. He was so engrossed I had to tear it from his hands. I panicked because I hadn’t read enough of it to know if it was R rated. Luckily the answer is NO. So tonight I handed Jupiter Winds back to him and he’s reading away with glee.

As a clean YA book, Jupiter Winds is a rare find in a genre defined by vampires and child killers. How often do you encounter a story that Mom, teen and kid can love?

BTW, you might be interested to know that C.J. Darlington is a homeschool alumna. She sent me a free copy of her book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Jupiter Winds